Guillotine Mastery

10 Years Of Experience In One Instructional

  • Master the guillotine including the setups, traps, dilemmas, and so much more
  • Learn the same moves that brought me from purple to black belt in three years
  • Find the most efficient methods to submit your opponent from any position
  • Develop essential fundamentals and improve your overall game
  • Understand the mental component and theory behind the moves
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  • Easy To Follow

    Step by step video techniques focused on cutting out the fluff while maintaining every critical detail to answer all your questions.

    The course is edited and broken down concisely to provide the best user experience while still delivering the message.

  • Affordable And Valuable

    Get an instant return on investment as you apply these techniques in the training room. Learn 10 years of experience for a fraction of the time and cost.

  • Not Like Other Instructionals

    We all know the feeling of
    buying an instructional, just
    to get a three-hour video
    covering all aspects on a
    surface level without
    focusing on the specifics.

    Guillotine Mastery includes the mental edge as well as perfected technique

  • Quality Production

    High level editing to cut the fluff, add in on screen elements to guide you through the techniques, and juicy camera angles to not miss any detail.

  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

    At home or on your phone, you can access the course right before training with a friendly user interface to supplement your learning.

  • Step-by-Step Technique Breakdowns

    Techniques are broken down into digestible information with incredible visual clarity to deliver the best experience.

Course Curriculum

Includes 3+ hours of content and 13 chapters with frequently updated lessons

Part 1: Introduction to Guillotines

  • Advanced fundamentals broken down to carry you throughout the course
  • Understanding how to masterfully apply the guillotine and all its necessary grips
  • Focusing on every precise detail that is regularly skipped when learning the techniques

Part 2: Entire Arsenal of Offensive Guillotines

  • Working through all my proven setups including the Buzzsaw, T-uillotine, and Switch Guillotine
  • Exploring all positions in Jiu-Jitsu to choke your foe such as side control, mount, and butterfly guard
  • Expanding on the mentality required to break your opponent through relentless pressure

Part 3: Traps, Dilemmas, And Counters

  • Connecting the entire system of guillotines together by showing how it expands your game
  • Mastering the defense to the guillotine to reverse engineer counters
  • Setting up traps that force out opponent into the submission or to give us a
  • Beginners

    Just started Jiu-Jitsu? Why not use the best technique from the get go? Fundamentals that carry you forward are a heavy focus for the course.

  • Experts

    Seen it all before? Not quite. Discover alternative techniques that were personally hand crafted and not shown anywhere else before.

  • Competitors

    Missing the mental edge? The course includes the mindset you need to dominate your opponents and take home another victory.

Course FAQs

How long is Guillotine Mastery Instructional?

The Ultimate Guillotine Instructional is a comprehensive course that offers over:

  • Three hours of instructional content
  • Three distinct curriculums
  • 13 Lessons
And additional lessons coming for free whenever an update is warranted

Are there any pre-requisites for the course?

No, there are no prerequisites needed for this course. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced athlete, you can benefit greatly from participating. The course provides a solid foundation and introduces key concepts in a clear and accessible manner while offering advanced techniques, strategies, and insights. Regardless of your current level of expertise, this course aims to provide valuable learning opportunities and empower you to excel in your goals.

How much does the course cost, and what payment options are available? a FAQ...

The course costs $100 and payment options include credit cards and PayPal.

Can I reach out to the instructors or ask questions if I need clarification?

Yes, absolutely! You can reach out to me and ask questions if you need clarification. There are multiple ways to communicate with em.

  • You can send the instructor a direct message using the contact form provided below
  • Utilize the comment section available on each video lesson.
  • Message me on Instagram and potentially have your question included in the FAQ
Don't hesitate to ask your questions and actively participate in the forum, as it can generate insightful discussions and provide valuable insights for everyone involved.

Will there be any updates or additions to the course content in the future?

Yes, there will be updates and additions to the course content in the future. I tried my best to cover everything in my arsenal of knowledge, but understand everyone has different insights. Reaching out to with relevant questions benefits all of us.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, you may receive a refund within 7 days assuming you're through no more than 1 section. I would rather work with you to fix your issue if possible. Contact me through any methods mentioned in the FAQ.

Have any More Questions?

Visit our FAQ page to view answers to common queries and a direct line to reach out for any further assistance.